Recording Google Meet calls will end for free Google Workspace for Edu edition users.

If you are using the Fendementals Edition of Google Workspace for Education, the recoding function in Google Meet sessions will not longer be available to you after 10 January 2022. This feature has always been labeled as a premium feature but was offered for free for organisations during the height of the pandemic and the transition to transition to remote learning.  In January 2022, this feature will be available only to organizations using the Google Workspace for Education Plus or the Teaching and Learning Upgrade editions.

Time to purchase one of the premium editions

This rollout will take several weeks to complete, so you may still be able to record meetings during the month of January and early February 2022. Any previously recorded meetings will remain in Google Drive unless they’re deleted by the file owner.

If you are aren’t sure if this feature was being used in your domain, you can view the Drive Audit log to pull activity of recordings based on when they were created or viewed. To target specific activity by types of recordings, use the Item Type filter of “MP4 Video” and Item name filter of “GMT.” These queries can be exported and filtered based on user, recording, and activity. Visit Meet recordings in Drive audit & export to find out how to do this audit.

To keep recording, it may be time to sign up for Google Workspace for Education Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Education Plus license. Users who don’t have one of these licenses applied to their accounts will no longer have access to the recording feature, but will be able to view recordings and attend meetings recorded by other users.

Not sure if premium editions are right for you, Google released a Youtube Playlist recently to demo top use cases of the Google Workspace for Education paid editions (Education Plus, Education Standard, and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade). 

If you are interested in upgrading, send us a note so we can connect with you to go over the details. 

If you are interested in upgrading, send us a note so we can connect with you to go over the details.

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