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Professional Development

Hardware & Licenses

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Professional Development

We customise professional development for your school, region or diocese. We will work with you to find out your particular PD needs, then develop a program and assemble a team that will help you get exactly what you want from your time with us. Our teams are all highly experienced classroom practitioners and we bring years of educational experience into every workshop we run.

We work with public, Catholic and independent sectors, across every State and Territory in Australia, and both islands in New Zealand. We can help you create a professional learning experience targeted specifically for your needs, at any scale, on almost any topic, thanks to our talented core team and a large extended team of inspiring educators.

Inspirational Keynotes

Deploy Learning is a network of experienced educational tech integrators. Our team consists of experienced and popular keynote speakers with topics that challenge, inspire and provoke your attendees to action.

The Beginner’s Mindset

When we set out on a new project, lesson, or adventure, that overwhelming feeling reminds of what it is like to be a beginner again.  Jim Sill inspires us with the fun of starting over and offers some advice on how to take the first step to trying something new.

Creating Lessons in High Definition 

With all the fantastic stories being told in theaters, on TV, and online, it is tough to compete for kid’s attention in the classroom. Jim Sill helps us uncover the lessons that we can learn from today’s technologies so we can begin telling the story of our classrooms in passionate and engaging new ways.

Reckless Creativity

What world do students live in today? Jim Sill will walk us through the reckless and creative world we live in today. Join him in realizing the importance of taking time to explore and repurpose the tools that kids are using right now.

Hardware & Licenses

Not only do we help your organisation become more productive and creative with our great training, we also partner with vendors to help you get set up with the right tools for your business. 

With over 14 years of Google Workspace training experience, there is no team more experienced in helping organisations and educators understand practical applications of Google’s tools.

Deploy Learning uses these tools to operate their own business and is a Google Cloud Partner, so we are proud to offer the right Google Workspace license for your business.  Once you are set up, we will be ready to help you roll out the tools across your organisation. 

Deploy Learning is the exclusive training provider for WeVideo in Australia / New Zealand. Learn how to impact your teaching and learning with video projects with training lead by award-winning video production teacher, Jim Sill.

From activating student voice to inquiry based instruction, WeVideo is a collaborative tool for students and schools to use to tell their learning journey.

ViewSonic offers total solutions for education with the right mix of EdTech elements combining security, flexibility and user-centric applications for modern pedagogies; giving teachers the digital tools they need and freeing up their valuable time and resources.

From teaching to use the basic functions, to integrating the ViewBoard tools into their daily curriculum, our trainers are available to help you maximise your investment.

Advisory Consulting

We partner with organisations looking to understand education in Australia and New Zealand.  Our consultants are passionate about the use of technology in education and have the right insight to help you enter the market and position your product for success.

Ready to Start?

Contact us today to speak with someone from our team to develop a plan that meets your instructional and organisational goals.